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Access App With Fever Detection Feature

Simplicity and efficiency. Swipe In is designed for painless access to your office or organisation and is available for any iOS and Android tablet or mobile device with a front-facing camera – no fancy hardware needed.

With the optional photographic package, the AI software within the app can recognise and record the screened temperatures presented to the camera automatically, streamlining the check-in process for visitors and staff alike, allowing everyone else to get back to business. Alternatively, simply take the temperature reading on-site and enter it, then and there.

Swipe In provides convenient access to your staff and visitors while meeting the legislative requirements of the Labour Department. Created to be the most cost-effective digital solution available, we can help you eliminate the need for thermal cameras. Speed up the entry to your premises and avoid unnecessary frustration to staff and clients for a low monthly fee.

    All at a low monthly cost.
    Choose the
    right package for you.

    Available on iOS and Android – available soon on the App Store near you.