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Digital Screening App for Covid-19.

With online administration access, you can pull reports with optional photographic evidence and questionnaire results, instantly.
In a couple of clicks, you can search and export records of Covid-19 positive individuals. 100% digital with no unhygienic paper books and shared stationery. Load the software onto your device, wipe it, and you are ready to go.

The online software is customisable and manageable according to your unique needs. Load multiple companies or divisions with staff details to notify the staff of the quick access app they can use to do the questionnaire remotely on their own devices, or they can complete it on-premises.

The harsh reality is that Covid-19 is highly infectious and when you have people interacting, it’s likely that an individual who visited your premises will at some point test positive for the virus. Would you rather choose to dig through piles of paper records over a quick search online to produce the required details to the Department of Labour? We didn’t think so. If you’re looking for convenience, the Swipe In app is for you.

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