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About Swipe In – Screening App to Keep Covid Out

Compliance made easy

Recording Covid screening is mandatory by the Department of Labour.

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Creating Efficiency

Swipe In streamlines the mandatory Department of Labour Covid-19 screening process with a brief digital questionnaire, answered on premises or on the free app.

Optional photo's

As an optional extra, we allow you to take and store a photo of the temperature reading as well as a photo of the individual with a time stamp.

Cost Saving

Created to be a cost-effective screening solution, we help establishments comply with legal requirements without greatly disrupting their businesses.

Structured Efficiency

Compared to a conventional paper method, Swipe in is cleaner, quicker, and easier to use while keeping all your records safely on the Cloud.

Easy-to-Use Screening & Temperature Access App for Your Office.

With online access, you will always have your finger on the pulse of your access control. Pull quick reports with optional photographic proof, time and date stamped, and fully searchable. Access any questionnaire results quickly and easily.

No more messy, unhygienic paper and pens. Just a sleek device that can be cleaned with a single wipe.

Keeping Covid Out Is Easier Than You Think.

Goodbye unhygienic paper and pens!

Much more hygienic and easier to clean than traditional papers and visitor books. No shared stationery – just a quick wipe and you are ready to process the next entry.

Records available via your Admin portal

Make use of Swipe In to speed up access to your premises while keeping fail safe records securely in the cloud, for the day you will need them. With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, it might be sooner than you think!

No contract, no stress!

Our month to month no contract packages make Swipe In the most cost effective option on the market. Secure your compliance and avoid the risk of costly fines or closures by the Department of Labour.

Install on your own hardware

Available on
iOS & Android.

We have built the app to work on your own hardware to help keep costs down. Companies are able to acquire as many device licenses as they require on an affordable monthly cost.


Does the device need an internet connection?

Yes, the device does need an internet connection. All the Swipe In records are saved securely online, should you require to access them.

Is there a limit on sign-ins using my device?

There is no limit to the amount of entries for staff or visitors to a business, but we recommend having more than one device available if you have many arrivals at the same time of the day to help speed up entries.

Simply login to your Admin portal and add another device from there.

Is Swipe In more hygienic than transitional paper?

For sure, paper can’t really be cleaned with disinfectant, and shared stationery is pretty gross. We recommend you regularly wipe down your device with an alcohol solution to ensure it’s clean between uses though.