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Ways to keep Covid out of your business
As per government regulations, all re-opening businesses require screening and temperature monitoring of all visitors. This ensures and maintains a safe working and visiting environment for all. Swipe In...
Create a Safe Office Environment.
Install on any iOS and Android tablet for easy access control and screening.
Let staff and guests in while keeping Covid out with a brief questionnaire and temperature reading upon arrival. Swipe In offers all-round convenience in tracking and tracing staff...
Keep COVID Out.
Quick temperature reading capabilities.
Simplicity and efficiency. Swipe In is designed for painless access to your office or organisation and is available for any iOS and Android tablet or mobile device...
Quick Covid-19 Access App.
The software is usable on any tablet or mobile with an internet connection. After download and installation, you can register as a company or individual and gain...
Cost Effective COVID-19 Screening App.
With online administration access, you can pull reports with optional photographic evidence and questionnaire results, instantly. In a couple of clicks, you can search and export records of...
Digital Screening App for Covid-19.